A play in 3 acts: GROUND, TOWER, JUMP
3f, 2m
Rowan: f, 20's
Ben: m, 20's
Paul: m, 40's
Leandra: f, 40's
Zoe: f, 20's
Paratrooper Rowan Payne returns home to her coastal hometown to pay her family a visit. When the gruesome truth about her time in the army comes out, Rowan must decide to either face her past or run from it.

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A play in 2 acts
Estella: F, 20's-30's, Latina
Angela: F, 30's, Latina
Ron: F, 50's, White
Kameko: F, 20's-30s, Asian
Valentina: F, 20's-30's, Latina 
In a world where abortion is illegal and being a woman means living under constant threat, Estella finds herself as the fresh fish in a women's prison among a group of colorful, opinionated characters. Carrying a secret, she befriends the silent and mysterious Valentina, who will change her life forever. 

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Episode 12: Sophia KoevaryBoston Podcast Players
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